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65 percent reduction in anxiety that tune!

I’m too tired? The anxiety in the state. What to do? Experts say, listen to music. But what song? British band Marconi Union, there is a tune. The name ‘oyetalesa.

One study, 65 percent of people said, ‘oyetalesa’ anxiety decreased after the hearing. Has come up with! The name of the YouTube khumjalei bhidiosaha will receive a music tone.

“Organic and healthy,” the title of a health magazine, one of the UK maindalyaba International, a research institute wants to know, what kind of music people tired and may reduce anxiety.

Quite a few people took part in the examination of the organization. Participants are given a variety of songs and listen to tunes. He has been tested in the brain, the heart rate, blood pressure and respiratory status.

The company showed 65 per cent ‘oyetalesa’ mind was calm at the track. Their tiredness away.

According to the report, Marconi Union used to tune the use of each instrument was extraordinary. The audience while listening to the rhythm of blood pressure was normal, the hormone that reduces fatigue, increases.

Three British Richard Talbot, Jamie and Duncan midosa krasali build the 003 band, Marconi Union. Marconi has 10 albums out so far. The ‘oyetalesa’ was released in 011.

In the study, participants who were women, most of them fell asleep while listening to the melody. David Lewis Hodgson research has suggested that the anxiety or fatigue to eliminate ‘oyetalesa’ tone is heard. However, he is forbidden to listen to it while driving!

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