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Boys and girls in adolescence is why?

Puberty is a specific process by which the human body is converted to an adult in a child’s body, and gain the ability to reproduce. Gonade from the brain (ovary and testis) with hormones to signal it began.

As a result, the hormone production, causing a variety of gonada brain, bones, muscles, skin, breast, and reproductive organs began to increase pratyangasamuhera. This is to accelerate the growth of mid-adolescence and adolescence was completed at the end of the growth. Before puberty, boys and girls around the entire difference between the words is limited to just the genitals. During puberty, the body’s formation of the shapes, the importance and the main differences are evident. These changes are very obvious secondary sexual characteristics are known.

Adolescence is why?
Both men and women at different times in the life of youth, transmission occurs. However, youth
Both came at the same time was not just happen at different times. Young women coming
Something happens that brings men age. Warm the young men came from eighteen to twenty years. Temperate countries on the Indian sub-continent, twenty-two to twenty-five years old when he came to manhood youth overseas. Fourteen young women came from countries in tropical and temperate countries bayase sixteen years between eighteen to twenty. The men and women of the youth agamanai Boy: turning-point.

Puberty refers to the body for sexual maturity literally changed it already. It does not include the role of psychosocial and cultural development of adolescents. Adolescence is a psychological and social transition between the childhood and adulthood. Adolescence, puberty is affected by the time limits for discussion, but it can not be properly defined. The physical changes of adolescence adolescents than in the general discussion at the time, and psychosocial and cultural practices are given precedence over development.

Parthakyachelera puberty in adolescent girls and boys and the girls are starting puberty earlier with significant differences between the two. And the major sexual sterayedagulo concerned. Compare the physical growth of a child and teenager curves. Puberty has indicated the right side of the green colors.

Phalikala stimulating hormone – FSH
Lyutinaijim hormone – LH
Pituitary gland
Pregnancy – hCG (human korionika gonadrotropina)
Prolyakatina – PRL

Although the beginning of puberty varies widely among the general age, but the average adolescent boys and girls: 1 years ago began (average age: 9 -14 years of girls, and boys 10-17 years), and within a short time is sampurnataprapta. Usually the first signs of puberty in girls four years to gain height and reproductive perfection. The boys brddhita relatively little slowly, but changes in puberty usually begins between the ages of six perfection they receive.

In men, the main sex steroids testosteranera ayandrojena. Before long the effects of testosteranera masculine features were revealed. One of the steroids that are produced as a result of chemical transformations testosteranera person is estradiola. Although it was simabrddhi much more slowly than girls, and late. Is to accelerate the growth of girls more than boys, then much more slowly; Epiphisesa pair and not longer exists till this growth. Two boys than girls before puberty cm in height Although short of an adult male, an adult female, compared to an average of 13 cm (52 inches) shorter.

Brddhita estradiola and estrogen hormones in women that is assigned to you. Where
Estradiola helps increase breast and cervix. It is the hormone that causes the adolescent to accelerate the growth and maturity epiphisiyala. More girls than boys, and before estradiola limit is increased.

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