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George Michael committed suicide

George Michael committed suicide, claiming her boyfriend Fayaz loss of orders. Fayaz several tweets on the last day of the year. Tweet read about the fuss they are removed. But the post was written the tweet, “George committed suicide.

And tried to commit suicide several times in the past, did not succeed. This time it was all over. And spoke of a strange strangers. Who is the “I do not know what the mysterious friend. Our relationship was very good. We lived together for about 4 hours a day. Still, she could not recognize the wounds that were created inside. So in the end and left. 016 years of the most terrible of my life. During the years, I have never aseni

Soon, however, the whole five tweets are removed. Even Twitter ayakauntatio Fayaz was deleted. No information is available directly from George Michael’s boyfriend, but new doubts about the death of grain bound since the beginning of the tweet. Some, though, phayajera Twitter account has been hacked and shot the post. And so that hackers can not post, because the account has been deleted.

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