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India 183 runs to be captain!

I have heard that a number of 183 only. This number is greatly involved with Indian cricket captain positions.

There is only one condition, the board will make the 183 limited-overs matches. 1 run, not less, not more than 1 run. But, then seasoned captain’s seat somehow. Indeed, when you think, What the hell is this! The conditions of eligibility for leadership! Even under such strange!

If some of the statistics, but the recent surprise says. Indian cricket captain with a 183-run positions that have a close contact. That was the case for at least the last two captains. After making 183 runs in limited-overs cricket board was captain crown on their heads.

Let’s return to the World Cup matches in 1999. India play Sri Lanka in the service. 7 pm and 17 pm, four with six innings of one of the great gifts that match Sourav Ganguly. 183 sparkles next to his name in the scoreboard. That is, the very next year, in 000, his debut as a captain.

005 time. Jaipur, India one-day series in Sri Lanka has been facing. India’s 299 runs in front of the goal. Mahendra Singh Dhoni came to the wicket with the bat after reading 1. He was still so popular. 10 sixes and 15 fours in the innings with a stormy match Dhoni jetalena. Made 183 runs by itself. Just two years later, in 007, he was selected as India’s captain. He was the leader of the Twenty World Cup. India won the cricket World Cup service.

Twenty newly-day format of the game, and the Mahi stepped down from captaincy. In the absence of the captain whom the highest risk, but that Virat Kohli scored 183. 01 salata. Pakistan and India faced cirapratidbandhi. Great service in a memorable innings of 183 runs.

Needless to say, there was a great captain seats, 183 of fairy tales “will be more robust. Questions may rise, but do not have any yogyatata? Ganguly was the captain or anyone before? There is no end to this war and the logic of the world. So it really is utter coincidence, or 183 of the relationship with the captain, to the readers to judge.

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