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Mahesh Bhatt’s daughter wanted to marry

Bollywood film director-producer Mahesh Bhatt has created a storm of controversy in the picture at different times for different reasons. But it is not just the photos, personal life was exceptional. Has been the focus of discussion at various times in his own life-style.

Many people do not know that, Mahesh Bhatt’s parents were not married. His father was a Hindu, a Muslim and a mother. Later, with his father’s emotional distance is Mahesh.

Many women love life, relationships with Mahesh. Can be heard, college-life relationship with a woman named Mahesh loriyena Bright. The woman’s name was changed later Kiran Mahesh Bhatt. Mahesh Bhatt’s son Rahul Bhatt and mother worshiped the kiranai.

Married to actress Parveen Babi at the brightness of life starts with a romantic Mahesh. For this reason, Mahesh came away from the brightness. But Mahesh relationship with Parveen did not last long. The passage of time is the distance between Parveen Mahesh.

He became involved with Sony rajadanera Mahesh. Sonike Hindu by birth, but was converted to Islam to marry. And Shaheen Bhatt’s daughter Alia Bhatt Sony rajadanerai.

The controversy peaked when mahesake a reputed magazine cover shoot with daughter Pooja Bhatt’s lips for a kiss on the lips, Khan said. Kissing father-daughter picture on the cover of this closely going on across the country are beginning to stir. Many mass organizations in the conduct of the father-daughter ‘obscenity’ claim that the protest is starting to show.

Mahesh debate worship stopped here. This photo was published in a major newspaper interview a few days later went to Mahesh said, ‘I want to marry worship. And if you were not my daughter, then I really would have married her. “This comment was ghrtahuti debate that sacrifice.

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