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Mars giant spoon!

No compelling evidence yet for the existence of life on Mars was found. Recently, the red planet has been found in a large spoon. Alien (Alien) kautuhalidera about faith, about the existence of the spoon discovery of life on Mars has been an important source.

NASA rover sent from the footage, like the surface of the red planet vessels were lying on the sand. It is found on Mars in recent years, the ‘spoon’. Believers claim that the existence of life on Mars, it could be evidence of the existence of life on Mars.

With a spoon, like the glove ring and found objects. After posting the video on YouTube UFO Hunter’s account came to light for the first time. Is described in the video, “Mars has a large spoon! This is amazing! Lost civilization found in. ”

Some YouTube users have expressed surprise at the discovery. One said, ‘Wow, it’s probably not natural, it can be an object. ”

Another said, “the spoon found on Mars may be a sign of the existence of intelligent beings.”

However, many are skeptical about this. They see it as an optical illusion. One said, “We want to see what we see. Many people see the face of Jesus on the tea. Many people see the appearance of man on the moon. “

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