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Milne’s retention leads to more sex!

Sexual intercourse that women are often their memory is keen. A new study has found.

What is the effect on the brain as a result of sexual intercourse between men and women were women, a study found that, as a result of sexual intercourse more than women, the brain’s ability to remember abstract words increases.

A group of scientists conducted the study at the University of McGill in Canada. The study hippocampal nerve cells, they found an increase in sexual involvement. Hippocampus of the human brain from the area of ​​human emotion, memory and nervous system is regulated.

For the study, 30 heterosexual women under the age of 78 invited to participate in a memory test. The abstract of the face and other parts of the sound of their memories were tested. They keep a record of their grade point average is a question to complete. Where they were questioned about whether they had contraception.

Study results showed that women often have sexual intercourse, they have demonstrated the ability to abstract the words most commonly used memory. However, some seek to increase the capacity of their sexuality has proved.

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