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Reasons for marital separation

Marriage is the most critical. Handling large liability. This is a great subtle way. Joe does not have a hair of yon. The fee is the wrong way to give both sides well. The two sides have witnessed more than a third of the party kajiyara. Allowed many ‘divorce laiyara. Causes separation between the husband and wife who care, those batalalena marriage outages this way.

1) to stop: When two people are together, there is always a little nuts and bolts. Do not harbor anger of the quarrel should cut it. Many do not. As a result of harboring resentment towards the silent distance grew between husband and wife. And when he took the large size of the distance, one can not terai.

Ii) the reluctance of sexually: Many of the supremacy of his love. However, if one forgets labharara Platonic, the demand will be. If you do not meet the demand to read about its impact.

3) the opposite situation: it is the opposite that is true attraction of the magnet merutei. But the attraction of love as sweet, just as marriage is not the case. After the marriage, the husband and wife to live together. If you have a habit of getting there late in the morning and your partner in the morning, the hazard may occur.

5) contempt: husband and wife equal importance to both. The honor is to maintain both. One hazard carelessness. Her husband feel short, even hazard. All in all the constraints, even if the woman herself.

6) dislike the language of love: words or Brahman. Possible to stagger the goodness of the word mountain. However, the apaprayoge could run round in circles. Please be careful in choosing the words of love that cry.

7) the tension in the money: I have my money, your money is yours. The idea of ​​a husband-wife moves, then labored. Money favorite things right, but as a gift to comply with the law. And the way I’m leaving you taraja ‘highest priority should be amarake. Dot decline in marriage if you do not ‘Error’ will appear.

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