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Shahrukh Khan’s daughter warns would-be lover

Bollywood Badshah Shah Rukh Khan always holds suhanake girl. Bollywood actor recently gave permission to love his daughter. However, the King’s daughter can not reach anyone to know about it. So the girl would-be lover, Shah Rukh Khan has issued several regulations. For example,

1) star as father can not afford to sit out his legs. Good job to jotatei.

Ii) By-law liked the girl who does not need to be raised to dance. Sbasuramasai that he does not like at all, from beginning to intrude on that.

3) if the hazard behind the effort to be closer to her daughter. The girl’s father can be found everywhere.

4) with a good lawyer should be. Go straight to jail if a little back and forth.

5) treated like a princess in her care was great. I wanted to be in accord with the hazard.

6) There is no objection to go to jail for the girl’s father. Be careful from now on.

7) If you use a bad girl, a hundred times will suffer irritation.

Shah Rukh Khan’s daughter was diagnosed with emotion several times before. A few days ago, will be torn down, he kissed her lips, “he commented on the occasion of coffee with karana

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