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Shakib-Raju ‘fake husbands’

Raju Chowdhury, director of the new film’re starting again. Shakib Khan is the hero of the film. In contrast to his performance in the final running for the mahike. Said the director of the film will begin shooting in March.

NTV Online Raju Choudhary said, “I am the sacrifice of Eid ‘Shooter’ film audience gave gifts. Got a good response. Producers invested the money he got back, did incur some money. Now I will hand the construction of the new picture. I hope the film will start shooting in March. ”

The name of the film and the artist Raju said, “Last year, I forged her name to create a picture, the matter was finalized. Shakib Khan said. On the contrary, I think first of his Apu Biswas. Now that he is away from the film, so I will start with someone else. In the meantime, talked about the issue with Mahi. Mahi will be finalized in a few days with the matter. ”

Social background light film director Raju was being built, “said Hope, visitors will be varied in this film. Shakib Khan’s picture means a big budget film. For this reason, the film festival, I want to release. ”

Fake husband wrote the screenplay Kasem Ali Dulal. Eid-ul-Azha, which was released last Raju Chaudhary directed film “Shooter.” Shakib Khan acted against the film Shabnam bubali.

Mahi stand before Shakib Khan-Kajol played the PA’s ‘Love Today’ film. After the pair were seen bound to act on this pair.

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