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Sonam dispute with lover!

Sonam Kapoor secretly love walking, getting the news media. Because sometimes in London, sometimes in Los Angeles, sometimes shooting, sometimes on holiday around the world, while he is in New Delhi Ahuja business with pleasure. Until now, they did not bring their love publicly. But since the end of last month in front of the intimate pleasure of spending time with Sonam Kapoor Ahuja. Social media, Instagram, especially their intimate moments in the film is over. But the joy was gone viral within an instagram conversation with Sonam. It was there, the pair are hassle.

The heroine of joy by posting a picture of yourself tagged. And wrote, “Life itself is not found. To take up life itself .’- George Bernard hundred have used this way, the heroine of a famous saying. Obviously, it is downright simple. There is no pre-history behind manomalinyera. This is due to the use of the quote that you want to reach a decision on any Sonam.

The joy was taken in response to the tune manomalinyera. He writes, “communication system that is the foundation of the economy, there is real communication from him was the first undertaking.” The conversation left fans shocked fans. However, the conversation did not want to comment on one of Sonam or pleasure.

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