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Sunny Leone eyes of the hottest Aamir Khan

Shahrukh Khan’s ‘Laila’ Sunny Leone is like. This year’s film, as well as bringing the lipstick, the time when the American home plate majabena!

A five-star hotel adjacent to the Regency Club, Sunny lionike bypass around five. Daniel groom heroine. That question was sent, they are just that, it is a match. Make-up artist. Two assistants, the ‘Sunny Leone’ brand managed. Started talking.
Q: Sunny Leone to be on the stage, there was a certain stage permission. Hastily moved the stage, were taken ayakoyatikaya. Sunny Leone at the end of the year, the city of Calcutta!

Sunny: (laughs) I’m very excited. At the beginning of the new year, I’m performing for the first time in Calcutta massacre. The field is large, the tension increases. Kolkata has the warmth of the audience, it’s new and I say! What I want to say to everyone in the new year, fun. Luck be with you. Stay happy. Sephali and go home!

Q: Your message: “Go home sephali! After watching the performance, it is important to keep in mind what is Sunny Leone?

Sunny: smile and went down

Q: Suppose you today is not for remuneration to dance on stage. Sunny lionike was said, he was happy to start the year …

Sunny: (think) if you want to decorate your own, I would like to go to the beach in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil, where all of the songs on the beach. The game is a beach fire, it would like to see. I want to relax at the beach during the day. Or can snarakalim. I like sitting in the sun creams rub the beach.

Q: What’s new year resolution Sunny Leone?

Sunny: It’s hard to question. The US would like to do that in front of my house and went to work. Dependents home when dirty, want to clean it. I want to brush dishes. I want to spend more time with family. My husband and I both believe that this cintadharate. So not only is it in life that I’m earning money. There are many things beyond, which will be this year!

Q: Now, in the context of raisa come. Shah Rukh Khan, Sunny Leone Or has life changed?

Q: raisa can say in the matter amejim to work! You ‘Laila Main Laila watched it? After I had been working with saharukhe, each actor or actress is that the country is waiting for an opportunity. I said, Shahrukh Khan, has changed my life, because, after raisa my spirit, and the entertainment industry, the Journey, that has changed. Starting from where I arrived (last sentence was silent for about half a minute) … A year ago, if anyone had said to me, “Sunny, you’re working with Shah Rukh Khan?”, My answer would have been, “Crazy! What the UK Talking About! “, That happened, and I see the way of life that was changed. Now, it seems, Anything Is pasibala! You see that dream, whether in business or school, you can see a lot of big dreams, because they might be true!

Q: Shah Rukh Khan says something, you bear the rest of your life?

Sunny: Anything In Life Is pasibala! Shahrukh is so good. So kind. I sat down with him and my husband had a lot to discuss. My only learn from it. Anything Is pasibala. And in my life, Shah Rukh Khan, it has been possible.

Q: Is Sunny Leone ‘Babydoll’ dance hits. So what do you think ‘Laila Main Laila your items, due to the added excitement?

Sunny: How many songs you’ve performed, as well as one of the best in it! Darsakare I like this song. The audience is going to fall in love with the music scenes. That’s what I want the audience ‘Rais’ Let’s see. Barapardateo they enjoy more performance. And let the picture is very good. Friends of Kolkata have always supported me. 1012ta dance with the song again tonight. However, lyayala Main lyayala “will perform with the song.

Q: Do you feel this city anything special?

Sunny: Special? I mean, everyone here loves it so special.

Q: No food?

Sunny: What spesyaliti Kolkata dishes do not tell!

Q: Sunny Leone a few years of life, different than another few years. How mustering of 017 jobs?

Sunny: everything in the world of entertainment is lapate short notice. Ekarakamabhabe arrange, is different! But what I see so far this year have been some of the pictures. A picture of ‘Tera intejara. Cosmetic line egobo my work. Sunny Leone’ve launched a perfume and diora brand. The response was so good, I think we should proceed one step further. Therefore, cosmetic lines sajalama plan. First, the lipstick, should be of, lipaplasa. Sunny Leone is also a very strong edge customized apparel (so excited, he said, that the voice was tripled).

Q: Last question. Right now the hottest Bollywood Actor / mail?

Sunny: The hottest Bollywood Actor? (Think) I am a man bachi per week! (Laughs) Aamir Khan.

Q: Shahrukh Khan, Sunny Leone change lives. Aamir Khan and Sunny Leone are the hottest!

Sunny: (Laughs) I just Aamir’s film ( ‘wrestling’) saw!

Q: What’s the item out of the dance, where such a character actress Sunny Leone’s birth?

Sunny: When you offer an interesting, why not?

Q: Many of your colleagues in Bollywood ‘donut’!

Sunny: ‘rasgulla’? Aphakorsa! Who ‘rasgulla’ Say not love to eat? Great food

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