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The asteroid is coming, unprepared Earth, NASA Warning

An asteroid approaching Earth. It hit the human race will be destroyed, and it can not prevent anything. One NASA scientist recently gave this warning.

NASA’s Goddard Space Flight Center researcher said. Joseph Nath said, “to an asteroid approaching Earth. If it collided with the Earth, mankind will perish. ”

Experts believe that at any moment of extinction-level asteroid could hit the earth. Almost half the last five to six million years ago, Earth’s dominant species of dinosaurs have been extinct by the grahanurai.

Paramanubijnanidera Joseph Nath on Monday with a ceremony presenting the information, said: “People are not prepared at all for this wonderful asteroid or comet.”

How is the danger of these cosmic asteroids that are coming out to the world is presented. The NASA scientist, said: “The biggest problem is, at the moment we can not do anything about it.”

Speaking at the annual meeting of the American Geophysical Union, Joseph also, large and sometimes dangerous asteroids and comets in the sky, the Earth explodes and it is covered with earth. On the other hand, there are some extinction level, a lot of species of dinosaurs, such as asteroids loggers. Five million to six million years ago, this species has become extinct. Remote path of the comet from Earth. But sometimes can be knocked around.

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