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The mysterious noise coming from outer space!

Radio waves are the most enigmatic problems in astronomy. And this is the first time scientists have been able to discover the source of the waves.

The shape of a dwarf galaxy 50 million light-years away from being swept away by this mysterious noise. As the length of the radio waves milliseconds.

Nature and the Astrophysical Journal, researchers said on Wednesday, highlighting the letter.

Larimara West Virginia University astronomer Duncan said, “the first radio waves from outer space, another source was found. This is a great discovery. ”

007 for the first time this type of radio waves or fast radio bursts (ephaarabi) found. At that time, however, scientists have only been able to record signals for 18 seconds. However, this is exactly where he was swept away by the waves of sound, or they could not say anything for sure. I understand that the whole sky seemed to have been swept away by the sound.

This opens up new horizons for astronomy radio waves swept jump compared with the scientists.

Many scientists think, more distant galaxies are drifting sound of the explosion. However, some thought, the sound of the origin of our galaxy. For the first time in 007 that it was the sound of the word, many people feel that the collision of two big stars. Unable to find the source of the sound after.

Last spring, the world’s biggest radio telescope, the researchers found that, in certain places in the sky coming away from this subject. But the fact is the origin of this word? The idea being, araiso million light-years away in a smaller galaxy coming away from the sound.

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