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The weight of the office at five ways

Working in the office? Weight is enough? He said increased demand. Eight to nine hours a day sitting in one place, if the body does not operate. As a result, do not burn enough calories. And now, the weight increases. Eight in 10 people feel that this issue is about karmirai office. But there are ways to lose extra fat from the body from the office. You do not have to set aside time for. Anayesei some way to work this way you can follow. And to satisfy the problem.

1. Take breaks between tasks. At one twice in a row for a long time to get up from his chair. Coffee. Please relax. And your body will operate.

II. Drink more. It is not just sitting in one place for a long time hajamerao fat leads to riot. Drink more so. It will also help your digestive problems will go away quickly burning kyaleri. Eat more potassium-rich foods. It increases the amount of burning calories. Avocado, coconut water contains more potassium Trade.

3. Keep an eye on retirement dinner. Calorie intake should never over. Exclude food, especially foods that are high in sugar from the list. Do not eat foods or chocolate ice cream.

4. A small exercise sitting in a chair. It is your body burning calories per day to over a hundred. Put your feet back on the ground, sitting in a chair. Now rotate your body as much as possible on the one hand urddhabhagake try again. Rotate your body to the opposite side in the same way again. In this exercise at least ten times a day sitting in a chair.

5. Keep up from the floor a few feet above. On the pages of the two feet at the side of his body hold up to ten seconds. That is exactly the opposite side of the body from the outside pages Nudge feet. Keep this in ten seconds. These exercises jharabe your calories lower leg pain again.

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