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Why madhyo old women locked in a sexual relationship!

Why madhyo old women locked in a sexual relationship!A scandal of the affair. Arrange to have to break the world record for the long bhuri bhuri. But why parakiyaya locked in husbands and wives? All of which are in the beginning because there is some doubt. Once you tie takes the form of grain bound sandehatai parakiyaya.

Young woman, her husband is a big job, so if home alone. One day, her husband’s mobile phone in his office colleague suddenly a text message (SMS), see. He has written quite a close relationship. When asked about her husband’s story at first refused, but later accepted.

He continued his relationship with a girl for a couple of years. Rina fell from the sky. Wants to suffocate. The blood of the wounded were inside. Incomprehensible not to drink, what to do? Leave her husband, or so a day to sustain the world accept everything?

8-year-old housewife, whose body is full of youth. A child in the house. There is no contact with her husband for five years. From the beginning, her husband was a bit uncaring. Despite the efforts of many where her husband is, he can not find it. At one point in his life came jibanayuddhera fighting Alam (pseudonym).

Alam married middle-aged man. Alam’s way of speaking, mentally wanting to cooperate Tahmina something so impressed him that he began to feel intense attraction. After close to a lot of time, Tahmina Alam to marry.

But Islam does not want to move away from his position and status. Move from Tahmina afraid. Tahmina moved with anguish and shame from Alam. He loved Alam, shelter thought. The phenomenon is so hard for him to endure the pain that became mentally ill.

Some engaged in such uncertain about society. It is very intense when the pain increases, the pressure drop heavily on the mind. Although the two men and women who voluntarily hugged me, it is still known in society as an affair or extramarital relationship. Because society is not a conventional relationship. So is not accepted.

Why do people get involved parakiyaya
Parakiyaya psychosomatic and social reasons people get involved. First comes the physical issues. The sexual relationship between husband and wife about the dissatisfaction of the people involved. Sex is a human physiology needs. If the husband and wife sex life is weak, then the other person may create addiction.

If the presence of more than one gene is diaradiphora, they may have a tendency to involve about strange or excess. Parakiyaya a lot of emotional problems, people can get involved. Bipolar mood disorder in those who are still building trend can be seen about. They did not find anything within reason.

Parakiyaya partner indifference and distance involved in a lot of time people said, a lot of time because of the husband-wife reality, the work may have moved away. And still interest in them increases. They want to bring in a lot of western culture, norms, and leads to an affair. The conflict between husband and wife, distance, etc. of interest to others, addiction occurs.

Still coming from the prehistoric era. The development and well-being of thinking about monogamous people. However, the unfaithful man. Parakiyate be married to any one or both of you can be married.

Parakiyaya locked in a kind of people you need or demand. There is a lot of physical need. Insurance is required. Some also involve improving the status parakiyaya. If you need a lot of mental. You can share some of the things that many people can be involved once parakiyaya.

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