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Women and children are sold as slaves ISO

In 014 attacks in northern Iraq, thousands of women and children kurdabhasi IS militants were captured. Step by step they are now selling at ISO fat. Several women and children in the early years of captivity in the hands of ISO Kurd administration was brought out from the backstage. But as time progressed, the ISO has strict surveillance.

Even if few others to escape, many children and young girls were killed while trying to flee. Today 18-year-old girl named Lamia Bashar has been four attempts to escape. But the escape of his two eyes can be damaged during a burst landmines. It is part of the facial skin. Almas trying to escape with her 8-year-old and two died in the 0-year-old Catherine.

Under Islamic State while lamiyake face hellish torture. The local smugglers to bring him out of there for about $ 800 to pay the family of Lamia. But the traffickers of women or children that seem to be rescued, are diagnosed with IS militants kill them.

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